Orange-chinned Parakeet (Brotogeris jugularis)

A curious individual looking for food at a feeding station at private home that has understood that wild animals should always be wild. As such this individual will roam free to visit whenever it likes, instead of being locked up in a cage for its remaining life.

Parakeets and parrots are some of the most trafficked animals for the simple reason that humans think that any animal they find beautiful should adorn their home. Many find the animal is a great companion, yet the animal has lost everything they are adapted to and are utterly imprisoned and alone. Humans are unable to ask themselves the simple question: how do my actions benefit these animals that belong to the wild? If you ever give the captive animal a choice, it will always run away to find its way back home.

And so the extinction process goes on, and when one species is no longer available the providers find the next species to sell.

By buying wild and exotic pets you support huge crime networks and the decimation of animal species. Some parrot species are still one the brink, like the grey parrot, while others have been saved due to extraordinary means, like the hyacinth macaw.

It sounds like this:

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