Drumstick primrose (Primula denticulata)

As with a large number of plant species in Bhutan and Himalaya as a whole, this one is a hugely popular garden plant in Europe, as it is so easy to grow.

It is so common in garden centers and gardens, that when I realized what species I saw alongside the roads I was reluctant to photograph it as it is such a common, hybridized and commercialized plant species. But then again I encountered a species in its native range, where it has evolved and adapted for longer than humanity.

This is the original! The template!

In some locations they were growing so dense that they formed flower fields clearly visible from afar, and who in their right mind would not stop and get up close to these lovely inflorescences?

Elevation: 3059 meters.

Native range is Afghanistan to China and Myanmar.

Last updated on 17 April 2023