ed-billed chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax)

This was my very first encounter of this species, and what a lovely first contact. These two were enjoying what seemed like true affection and love for each other. The left one was the active one, preening the one on the right in many ways and parts of the body. The receiver closed the eyes at times as if savouring these tender moments.

They are quite large birds, and were no match for the large-billed crows (Corvus macrohynchos) which gave way if the chough decided to enter their perch or activities.

I wonder how the overlapping beak of the individual on the right is affecting its eating habits, it must be cumbersome to forage in the soil with it.

It sounds like this:

Elevation: 3012 meters

Last Updated on 7 December, 2020 by morten

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