On the way to Shuab beach

I was lucky to see parts of Socotra from the sea, and this is on the way to Shuab beach – one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to.

From the ocean you can truly appreciate the sheer cliffs, the sea birds, and most of all the fish swimming underneath your boat. I also saw many dolphins here.

The water is as you can see on the image – crystal clear – and sometimes you can see large numbers of cormorants catching fish. The big rock seen here is one of mange boulders that was once part of the sheer cliffs rising from the ocean. To the right you can see a hole in the cliff, and this is perhaps the most unique feature of the island – millions of caves in all sizes. Socotra is in fact like a Swiss cheese!

On the way to Shuab beach
I stayed 14 nights on Socotra, and this boat trip and Shuab beach is perhaps the most amazing place on all of Socotra.

Last updated on 21 June 2024