Rock Valley (Valle de las Rocas)

Most are unable to see nature’s never ending miracles – from the smallest of scales to the large. They stand amidst it all but are filled with thoughts of the future or the past and simply do not see.

Some places are just powerful to the senses of the human body, but also way beyond to what only the deepest of our heart can sense.

Here all visitors see images and faces in the rocks according to their life experience and state of heart. Visiting at different times of the day might produce different faces as the shadows are different, and thus producing variations of the sculptures.

To me this is a tortoise’s head, but to others it resembles a totally different creature. Some might see a dragon’s head or a mythical creature.

The rock formations here was incredibly beautiful and as I was the only visitor I could listen to the undisturbed flow of the wind as the only sound. Not a single airplane in the sky, or another engine or car.

This site was like an observatory to our soul and a link to the endless universe. Day or night this place is meditation and mystery!

Altitude: 4113 metres.


Last updated on 30 July 2013