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Blanford's Rock Gecko (Pristurus insignis)

Blanford’s Rock Gecko (Pristurus insignis)

This is one of several species of small reptiles found on Socotra, and it was right in front of me for quite some time before I noticed it. Even though I was quite close, it went on with whatever was on its mind simply because I was already sitting still to experience the beauty of […]

Socotra Rock Gecko (Pristurus sokotranus)

Socotra Rock Gecko (Pristurus sokotranus)

A very common resident on lower altitudes, as here on the slopes around the Detwah lagoon of west Socotra there are plenty food and places to hide. They are hard to see when not moving, and sometimes I’ve been very close to stepping on them I thought. But reptiles are quick, and always escape, fortunately. […]