The bone-chilling Siberian winds are making it very unpleasant outside now. All the softness of new fallen snow is gone, no frost is to be seen anywhere. Only where the waves are splashing against the shores or structures sticking out of the water will you see any artistic winter manifestations.

Yet winter can be so incredibly beautiful, like seen in this image taken many years ago. In this capture the air has been still for days so the frosty paintbrush could slowly create intricate structures everywhere. Here the trees were also full of new snow, making it truly a winter wonderland.

This winter has been one with a lot of snow, but here by the coast every snowfall ended with sleet and rain, so the wonderland never lasted. Further inland it is a different matter – more snow than in decades and wreaking havoc on buildings not cleared of snow in time. In areas the snow is so deep that the cabins are completely buried under the snow and not distinguishable from the landscape.

Elevation: 6 meters

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