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Common Spurwing (Antigonus erosus)

In some areas by the rivers and under fruiting trees I found plenty of individuals from this species, and when they are still they can be hard to see. This one is from under a fruiting tree in a farm (fazenda) far upstream from Porto Jofre.

Common Mylon (Mylon maimon)

Every day I enjoyed the many butterflies around my room, and this was the only of this species I encountered during my stay.

Bell’s Paradise Skipper (Phocides metrodorus)

Noel Kempff Mercado National Park has the river Paraguá as a natural border in the west, and on the shores of the river you’ll see a large number of insect species, including butterflies. So even though the community of Florida is cattle land, and typically has human waste of different categories, the proximity to the […]

Large Spurwing (Antigonus nearchus)

From most angles it looks like an all-brown butterfly that’s well camouflaged against the mud of the riverbank.

Sootywing (Bolla sp)

Very hard to identify, but beautiful nonetheless! One of the many species visiting the Napo Wildlife Center welcome center. It was one of few species that preferred the rotting tree stump to the minerals in the river mud.

Green-shouldered Gorgopas (Gorgopas trochilus)

A fantastic mix of green and yellow – almost metallic or iridescent. I first though this was a male Sootywing, as it too has the white spots on the tip of the wings. Thanks again Kim Garwood!