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Physalaemus sp

It looks much like Whistling frog (Physalaemus albonotatus), but I’m not certain, as I don’t recorded whether this one had the miauing sound or not. So any ID help is much appreciated!

Whistling frog (Physalaemus albonotatus)

The sound of this frog is hilarious, and I immediately wanted it as a ring tone! Especially fascinating when you reach a pond with 10+ individuals all miauing as loud as they can. Common name should definitely be miauing frog, as it really sounds like a cat miauing. Sound recording courtesy of Marcos Felix, as […]

Leptodactylus chaquensis

This frog was one of several of the species roaming the ground around the buildings of SouthWild Pantanal. I had to be careful where I put my feet, so a headlight is a must both if you want to see all the species, but also to avoid stepping on one. We do after all move […]