I had two wonderful encounters with this orphaned barking deer which was so lovingly cared for by Dema the farmer, and this is the encounter of the first day and the third post from this lovely experience.

This young deer was so incredibly harmonious and confident in this setting – surrounded by dogs, humans, livestock and constant sounds.

The dogs were wary of me as I was a new element, but this one was so curious and time and time again I found myself having to hide the camera as it wanted to lick the lens, and even me!

The deer had a free pass to wherever it wanted to go, and it definitely preferred to rest inside with Dema, which is just amazing. I was hoping to photograph it inside, but the day Dema had let the door open for it to come and go, it wanted to be outside. This day the door was closed, and surely it wanted to go inside. Typical behavior of a kid.

A short recap of the background of this deer:
The farmer that came across the calf did not have any cows, thus was unable to provide the necessary milk and care for the calf and asked Dema if she could care for it, which she did.

The other farmer stumbled over a situation where a leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) was stalking and in a rapidly progressing attack which resulted in the mother escaping and the calf following the farmer instead of her mother, and this resulted in the unplanned and likely unwanted adoption of the calf.

Dema is confident she will provide for the calf until it is ready to move on by itself, but want the local or regional wildlife authorities to manage the best possible path to re-introduction to the wild, as that is Dema’s ultimate goal. She had no interest in keeping it for any other purpose than making sure it would grow up healthy and strong.

Elevation: 1529 meter

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