Yellow Cururu Toad (Rhinella icterica)

This is my first night at Hotel do Ype in Itatiaia National Park, and I’m exploring the wide variety of nocturnal activities here.

This large toad was on the hunt for insects and was seemingly quite old, as it had learned to follow the light of the dining room. Here the myriads of moths and insects were stopped by the window glass, and thus some were on the ground or low on the window – just in easy reach of the toad.

In the darkness of the forest it’s much harder to catch insects, so this must be toad heaven!

Yellow Cururu Toad (Rhinella icterica)
This is a couple of days later, and here you can see how it has positioned itself up close to the window – waiting for the food to serve itself!

Altitude: 1021 metres.

Last updated on 2 May 2024