Refugio Los Volcanes, Amboró National Park

When you first get a glimpse of the red sheer cliffs of the park, you know you are entering something truly spectacular. It’s like a fortress, and because of this natural barrier, even the humans have not established a mobile network here!

If you come unannounced, you’d better bring some fireworks, as you cannot reach the lodge by mobile phone, and yelling will not reach any human ears! In such a situation you have to walk many kilometres down a steep road, carrying all your luggage. The lodge will know visitors are waiting for a pickup on the top of the ridge if they hear and see fireworks!

On the grounds of the lodge there is a narrow “portal” in which you might get some coverage on your mobile phone, but if you laugh, turn your head, or otherwise stray just a bit from this narrow opening, your conversation will abruptly terminate.

Refugio Los Volcanes, Amboró National Park

Looking at the red wall in this photo you can also see how hard it is for anything to get a foothold, and even if it does manage it is only very temporary as the wall is constantly peeling! The fresh red seen here is due to sections of the wall simply falling off.

Less frequently there are huge chunks coming off, and those who live here have told of rumbling and shaking so violent they feared for their lives!

That’s why the lodge is in the middle of the field – as far away from the cliffs as possible.

Altitude: 1036 metres.

Last updated on 2 October 2021