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Roraima montane forest

Close to the walls of Roraima the montane forest is dense, moist and very steep. Roraima is causing constant cloud formation and moisture is brushing against everything that lives here. On days with no rain, the fog can create fantastic dew formations of insects, plants and rock. Up here the water is no longer tropically […]

Double rainbow and Roraima

This is the path to and from from Roraima, and this was photographed on my way from Roraima. Once out of the forest surrounding the walls of the mountain it was very hot. I had a hard time managing my body temperature, and was longing for a rainshower that never seemed to come. The shower […]

Monnina cacumina (?)

This bush grows in the montane forest close to the Roraima walls. Please help me identify it – leave a comment 🙂

Velloziella spathacea

This plant reminds me of a cucumber or melon, but I found none with fruit. It grows in the montane forest by the Roraima wall.

Drimys roraimensis

Drimys roraimensis

Grows in the montane forest close to the wall of Roraima. This is the natural position of the flower – hanging face down from a very long stem.

Symbolanthus elisabethae

Symbolanthus elisabethae

A large flower that is like a beacon of color in the greens of the montane forest, right next to the Roraima wall. It’s pollinated by birds.

Celiantha imthurniana

Celiantha imthurniana

This plant grows close to the plateu of Roraima in the montane forest. It was raining on my way up, so photography was not an option, but I was in luck on my way down. I don’t recall seeing it on the top of Roraima, but I believe it’s also present there.

Crepuscular ray between Kukenan and Roraima

About one our before sunset. Most prefer to be in constant movement to forget about the unanswered questions of existence and keep the mind fully occupied. Instead they could simply sit still and watch nature’s countless variations and manifestations. For just one moment the light of the sun was let through as if a giant’s […]


One of many species of shrub on Roraima. Please help me classify it – leave a comment 🙂

Epidendrum imthurnii

One of just a few of this particular species in bloom.

Epidendrum montigenum

Epidendrum montigenum

This was one of very few I found in bloom. If I only had more time on Roraima I would have been able to look for and absorb much more of the wonderful richness, in the otherwise poor place nutrient-wise. With only 1,5 days on top, and just 12 hours of daylight I was able […]

Ello Sphinx (Erinnyis ello)

Ello Sphinx (Erinnyis ello)

Most of the daytime (diurnal) butterflies were either hard to get close to, were restlessly fluttering around never to settle down more than a blink of an eye, or never opened their wings when resting. With only two days on Roraima, I simply didn’t have time to be patiently waiting for the right moment. When […]

Roraima heather (Ledothamnus guyanensis)

An endemic plant. I only found a couple with one flower each on my 2 day stay on Roraima. The flower is huge compared to the European heather, which instead has a large number of small flowers. This specimen was able to cling to life in a crack in the sandstone and seemed to have […]

Roraima Sundew (Drosera roraimae)

The otherwise leathal (to insects) sundew has a different need every now and then – pollination and propagation! What to do? As it is unable to turn off its traps, it simply produces a tall stem with tantalizing flowers…. Unfortunatley I don’t find this particularly convincing, as the flower for some reason is allways pointing […]

Habenaria roraimensis

This was the only all-green orchid I found on Roraima.

Roraima rainbow

There are countless waterfalls on and off Roraima, large and small. If the sun is out and the angle is right, a rainbow will flash as in this photo. One can walk to such a place, or sit by one and wait until the sun and angle makes it happen all on it’s own.

Schefflera coriaceum

Perhaps the only plant on Roraima that grows to the size of a tree. It’s host to a variety of vegetation and perhaps the most conspicuous is the epiphytic bromeliad Tillandsii turneri. Some rugosums are so overgrown with moss and lichen that the girth of the trunk and branches seems hugely oversized. I wonder who […]

Roraima crevice

This crevice is huge in depth and length, and in one location a rumbling sound – like a remote jet plane – is heard. It’s the sound of a large waterfall far below – covered by layers of rock. Some time in the future this crevice may have grown to a divide that separate parts […]

Stegolepis guianensis

Endemic to Roraima and to me a peculiar plant as it is one of the few plants I recall having such a flat growth! Looking at it from the side, a perfect specimen could be just a line – that is how flat it is! Only the flower buds break this flatness. To add to […]

Roraima fruit 001

Please help me identify it – leave a comment 🙂


Please help me classify it – leave a comment 🙂

Roraima heather (Ledothamnus sessiliflorus)

This was the only one I found of the sessiflorus. It’s endemic. It grew underneath an outcrop, and in contrast to the guyanensis it was a big and dense specimen competing with other plants. This one very much resembles the guyanensis, but the flower differs with a lighter/paler red ring around the base of the […]

Rogersonanthus quelchii

Rogersonanthus quelchii

I didn’t find many of this shrub in bloom – either the flowers were messed up by insects and birds, or simply past blooming. Here you can see how a bird has opened up the flower to steal nectar, as it doesn’t want or know how to get it through the “front door”. How this […]

Palicourea concinna

Palicourea concinna

I only found a handful of this small shrub in bloom. I assume it’s endemic. The leaves remind me of the European Cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea).

Epidendrum secundum

This is the only seed pod I found while on Roraima and it’s ripe and ready to open and disperse the seeds. All the other plants were in bloom, with no pods present.

Roraima Sundew (Drosera roraimae)

Unique to the Roraima tepui and is widespread and common here. It resembles the ones growing in European bogs, but has evolved independently. Again nature comes up with the same solution to the same problem despite insurmountable divides. Roraima has little to no nutrients as there is hardly any soil, and the little nutrients that […]

Bladderwort (Utricularia sp)

I thought this belonged to the carnivorous sundews (Drosera roraimae), but none of these flowers sprung up from any visible host! I did find it among sundews, but the flower stem had allways sprung up from the wet soil. I also found that the flowers of the sundews of Roraima opened up hanging face down […]

Epidendrum holstii

Epidendrum holstii

A common and colorful orchid on Roraima.

Xyris sp

Common on Roraima. Please help me classify it – leave a comment 🙂

Roraima sunrise

The table mountains, or tepuis, of the Guiana Shield, and in this case Roraima, are awesome to see from afar and up close, but to sit atop the highest of them all and see this, you have to stop and simply be silent to experience it. This is but one of countless vistas atop Roraima, […]

Daybreak atop Roraima

What a stunning place to wake up! Just outside my tent this is what I saw – the great wall of the neighbouring Kukenan tepui. Every minute the light, shadows and clouds changed – no human sounds – not even the sound of a plane. Silence…. Watching the sun rising and the shadows shrinking. This […]

Gaultheria setulosa

Gaultheria setulosa

Yet another hardy plant that finds enough nutrients in a sandstone crack to produce flowers.

Tillandsia turneri

An endemic epiphyte that can be seen in large numbers on tree branches, but also on the ground like this one.

Stomatochaeta condensata

A small shrub and one of the more unusual flowers on the Roraima tepui. It makes me think of some of the flowers on the table mountains of South Africa. Perhaps it has a genetic commonality with South African table mountain shrubs? Geologically South Africa and the table mountains, and South America and the tepuis, […]

Pitcher plant (Heliamphora nutans)

This plant is endemic to Roraima and it’s leaves are formed as cannisters and hold rainwater. When insects fall into the water they are unable to climb back up as the inside is covered with hair pointing downwards. This ensures the insect is kept inside so that the plant’s enzymes can dissolve the nutrients and […]

Pitcher plant (Heliamphora nutans)

This deadly plant has to reproduce and need the help from what it usually hunts – insects! I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the pollinators end up in the trap after they have given their service – or at any other time for that matter! It’s only found here on Roraima and surrounding tepuis […]

Orectanthe sceptrum

A most peculiar flower that both look and feel like plastic! In any case, flowering and producing fruit in particular is the very last of the plant, as it dies producing it – just like pinapple.

Octomeria connellii

This was only flowering specimen I could find, and it was growing in a very inaccessible location high on a boulder on the edge of Roraima facing Kukenan in the place called “Kukenan Window”. This is the second species of flower on this extremely hard to get to location.

Connellia quelchii

This was only flowering specimen I could find, and it was growing in a very inaccessible location high on a boulder on the edge of Roraima facing Kukenan in the place called “Kukenan Window”. The plants were located inside a narrow overhang, so getting close to them was very hard, not to mention taking a […]

Roraima in the clouds

Roraima in the clouds

It takes several days to walk to Roraima in the scorching sun on the highland named Gran Sabana. The last day a steep and hard climb to the top of the mountain, through numerous waterfalls and showers finally is rewarded with a landscape like no other. The mountain is often completely covered in fog, or […]

Cyrilla racemiflora

This shrub also grows a 1000 metres down on the sabana, but there it grows much larger. Here some are just 15-20 centimetres tall, but still produces flowers. Amazing!

Orectanthe sceptrum

One of the most common plant species on Roraima. It reminds of pinapple, and like pinapple it dies after blooming and setting fruit. I wonder how it’s able to survive submerged like this. All three plants seem to have no problem being in the middle of a pool of water many months per year. Just […]

Epidendrum dendrobioides

One of the less colorful orchid flowers here on top of Roraima.

Bladderwort (Utricularia quelchii)

Here on Roraima I found these flowering plants to be quite inaccessible in contradiction to the Utricularia humboldtii on the open sabana. They were either in a dark place, in a narrow crevice or simply out of reach. The ones that did seem to be well placed to photograph were either cut, bruised or simply […]

Bejaria imthurnii

Bejaria imthurnii

Endemic to Roraima and thrives in the most unlikely places – like thi one which has found a crack in the sandstone wall

Kukenan in the clouds

Finally arrived at the “hotel”, after a very wet hike up. Now the high clouds are dissolving, and the lower clouds manifest in the heat of the emerging sun. Both Roraima and Kukenan are cloudmakers, and if they are in the clear – just sit and wait, and the updrafts will soon manifest misty rivers […]

Almost on top of Roraima

This was the third day of the Roraima trek. The morning started with a light shower. Unfortunately it lasted for many hours, and we just had to make our way to the top of Roraima. It was a weeeeet walk! Strangely enough I preferred the wet, as that made it easier to climb and not […]

Roraima fireflies

Base camp turned out be quite a spectacle after dark, as the fireflies here were abundant and glowed – yellow! On the savanna the light was blue, and the fireflies mostly on the ground or in between the grass. Here they were quite busy on the ground, as well as in the air. Some only […]

Roraima the rainmaker

This from the deep of the montane forest surrounding the sheer cliffs of Roraima. Without the mountain there would be no forest or streams! It might feel a bit inconvenient for a human to walk in this dripping, moist forest which is showered frequently year round, but it is abundantly clear from afar that the […]

The towering wall of Roraima

Closing in on base camp, Roraima seemed lik an insurmountable wall going on forever as it disappeared into the clouds. How to climb this monster?

Roraima in the morning

The sun is rising to the right of the photo and Roraima is standing tall and dark against the brightening of the sky and clouds. To the left an early rain shower is moving into the picture.

Dawn on the Kukenan tepui

This is the second day on the Roraima trek. It’s just 06:09 in the morning and the light is wonderfully soft, as the very first sunrays fall on the grassland on the base of the Kukenan tepui – Roraimas awesome neighbouring tepui. The waterfall is just a trickle compared to last evening when we had […]

Roraima trek – Tok river camp

This is the first night on the trek up and down Roraima, and here the trekkers are settling down after dinner. Behind you can see the silhouette of Kukenan to the left of Roraima. The Kukenan and Roraima tepuis create their own weather, and thus there is no way to know the water level of […]

Nacreus clouds

This was the end of the first day of a week long trek to the top of Roraima, the highest (2723 m) table mountain (Tepui) in Venezuela, and what a start! The dry season should have started long ago, instead countless thunderstorms supplied plenty of rainshowers and this particular cumulunimbus cloud pushed a layer of […]

Kukenan and Roraima after sunset

Darkness is fast approaching and Kukenan (below) and Roraima is almost in the clear – seen from the Tok river camp. The visibility changes continously, and just seconds later both could be covered in clouds, just to reappear seconds later, or gone for a day….