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Lookout point to Tahiti from Moorea

Overlooking the coral reef and lagoon in the foreground and the deep ocean between Moorea and Tahiti in the distance. Tahiti has mountains more then 2000 meters high, and this creates an almost permanent cloud cover and rain in the interior. Moorea highest mountains are “only” about 1200 meters, and this too generates clouds and […]

Giant fern (Angiopteris evecta)

In the interior and higher elevations of Moorea this huge fern is common in the forest. Looking towards the sunlight from under the fronds is a different perspective than most people see this and most other plants in the forest. The dark border on the leaves are the sporecapsules. Aperture: ƒ/16 Camera: NIKON D700 Focal […]

Large Purple Orchid (Spathoglottis plicata)

Some will know this orchid from the florist, and it grows commonly here in the forest at mid elevations and upwards. The leaves resemble coconut sprouts or the first two simple leaves coming out of the coconut and it’s thus easy to recognize when it’s not in bloom. Aperture: ƒ/16 Camera: NIKON D700 Focal length: […]

Moorea caldera

Moorea has dramatic and sharp peaks, and is as breathtking when viewed like here from inside the caldera as it is from the ocean. There are several hiking trails and some go all the way up to the peaks. I was unforytunately not able to take a hike to the peak with the hole (Mouaputa), […]

Oponohu Bay, Moorea

Facing west by the river mouth. One of few places I did not see any houses or man made structures. Almost all of the seaside around the island is developed – either with homes or hotels. Public access to the ocean is thus very limited. Being by a river mouth you can see the beach […]