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Tyrshi Falls, Meghalaya

Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, India There are countless small and large waterfalls in Meghalaya. Some stunning beyond description and impossible to miss, except when the clouds kiss the ground. Which happens very often. Others are small and inconspicuous, even hard to see, like this one in Jaintia Hills, which is at first a mellow stream which […]

A waterfall in Lumwahnai, Meghalaya

There are so many waterfalls in Meghalaya that I wondered if mega refers to numbers of rapids and waterfalls. Only the largest and most accessible waterfalls are known and visited by tourists, but there are so many waterfalls with no names and utterly unknown except to the locals. This particular waterfall got my attention in […]

Kynrem falls, Meghalaya

One might think it is a bad idea visiting the wettest place on earth during the monsoon, but this is the time when all the hidden waterfalls reveal themselves – even though some might still be just a little stream flowing over the edge. The north-eastern state of Meghalaya is home to some of the […]