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Dhole (Cuon alpinus)

Wild and rare The national parks in India with a tiger population have almost all been rebranded and renamed a tiger reserve as in the public eye the tiger is the ultimate and iconic wild being that eclipses all. So even though this is a national park, the park is all about the tigers on […]

Dholes in the monsoon

The season of abundance Without rain this gorgeous landscape would have been brown, parched and bland, and the watchful dhole (Cuon alpinus) almost impossible to see unless moving. During the monsoon it has become a beautiful garden with flowers and fresh shoots from all the plant species residing here. I have previously avoided visiting during […]

Dhole (Cuon alpinus)

In the dry season the dholes would blend perfectly with the withered plants, but in the monsoon they stick out clearly. An endangered species that is currently surviving in isolated pockets. The dholes hold an important role of the environment, and their presence is vital to keep the balance. They are thriving here in Nagarhole, […]