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Megalong Valley Road, Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains is mostly known for its waterfalls and sheer cliffs, but is so much more. Wherever you go, wherever you look, there is something amazing and unique. It’s all about being present! As I was driving down towards the valley from Blackheath, I was amazed by the lushness of the forest and the beauty […]

Pulpit Hill Creek, Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

A trickle today – a torrent tomorrow. There are many majestic waterfalls in this park. But those are only so during times of plenty. During my stay, at the beginning of autumn, water was rising ever so slowly in the rivers and streams, but not enough to make amazing waterfall vistas. That said, there are […]

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains is famous and visited by many, and now by me. I expected to see mountains, but was disappointed as the landscape was just hills – even as I entered Katoomba. Elevation-wise it’s not really very high, around a thousand metres, but with mountains in its name I had expectations of peaks. It is […]

Blue Mountains National park

I had only 3 nights here in the Blue Mountains, and a limit to how much I could explore during that time. Thus I selected spots close to my hotel, and revisited these spots at different times of day. This very spot was just a few hundred meters from the hotel, and I went down […]

Blue Mountains National Park

The Three Sisters of Blue Mountain National Park is perhaps the most known of all landmarks in the park, but for the most part seen from a distance. And from a distance they look very interesting to climb, but alas! Up close it becomes clear that they are quite a challenge for novices, and the […]

Blue Mountains National Park

This morning started with dense fog and no promise of any sun rays. I was greeted with lots of bird sounds, but nothing to see. As the morning progressed, I could see glimpses of sun, and within minutes the top cloud layer cracked open. I decided to walk closer to the famous three sisters and […]

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park, Australia.

My first morning in this amazing national park was that of utter gloom as the clouds were hanging all the way to the ground – as fog. Weather changes quickly up here, so I was not deterred and just as I arrived at the lookout point I was greeted with lots of loud Sulphur-crested cockatoos […]