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Leaving Angel Falls IV

Now the landscape widens, and so does the river, which is now the Carrao river. The table mountains are now fewer and far between, compared to an hour ago upstream. Very soon this fantastic trip will be over! Aperture: ƒ/10 Camera: NIKON D3S ISO: 800

Leaving Angel Falls III

One might say that all the clouds is unfortunate, but if the air was dry and all the table mountains fully visible, I wouldn’t have seen the dramatic changes – minute by minute. Here only a few portions of the tepui visible, and it hints something incredible lurking beyond the veil of moisture. A clear […]

Leaving Angel Falls II

Early morning (07:37) in a landscape seemingly inpenetrable and with no visible trace of human activity! The experience was magnified by the fact that I was sitting in the only boat, and 10s of kilometres away from any dirt road and no mobile network! Only later in the day would boats normally be coming up […]

Leaving Angel Falls I

The trip downstream is much faster as you ride the flow, and this cuts travel time in half – just 2 hours opposed to 4 going up! The high speed of the boat leaves little time to catch the pristine beauty in the morning light, so I memorized the interesting locations I missed on my […]

Angel Falls

A sandstone outcrop is located a 40-50 minute walk from the boats, and provides awesome views of the falls. Under normal circumstances I would have shared this lookout point with people from all over the world. Today I could sit by myself. Fantastic! Much of the water “evaporates” on the way down as it’s carried […]

A glimpse of Angel Falls

When the clouds are low in the sky it’s hard to locate the falls, unless you know where to look. Even if you know where to look, it can be hard to see the falls from the jungle. From the right position alongside the the Kerep river (fed by Angel Falls), the river will provide […]

Boat trip to Angel Falls III – the confluence

On the right, the river Kerep flows into Churun river. This smaller river is the water that just a few minutes ago fell off the Auyantepui as Angel Falls – a near 1000 metres waterfall and the highest of any in the world! This was the camp site, and it was completely deserted. As this […]

Boat trip to Angel Falls II

As we moved further up the Churun river, the river changed into a winding snake of rapids and turns. Some sections the river was calm, deep and narrow and the forest canopy almost covered the river. We only met one other canoe on our way upriver, and I wondered how many accidents occur, as it […]

Boat trip to Angel Falls I

The journey to Angel Falls begins only metres from where the Carrao River plunges into the huge Hacha Falls, and takes about 4 hours to reach the base of the Ayantepui from which Angel Falls originates. The transportation is a mix of old and new – with Yamaha outboards attached to a dug-out tree trunk! […]