Commiphora kua

Of all the 5 species of Commiphora on Socotra, Commiphora kua is the only one that is not endemic. It is also the only one that is a shrub no taller than 1 meter and is often prostrate, all other species are trees. The papery and peeling bark is also a telltale character.

Due to its inconspicuous size it is easily overlooked, but here I encountered a community of them. Previously I’ve only encountered single individuals, but here on the western plains they seem to thrive.

I didn’t notice it on site, but this individual had many fruits in development. When the leaves are shed, these fruits will stand out as they are red when mature.

Elevation: 91 meters.

Native range is Eritrea to Zambia, South Arabian Peninsula.

Last updated on 18 June 2024