White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)

During winter the white-tailed eagles are found together with the visiting Steller’s sea eagles on the northern coast of Hokkaido. Here they feast on leftovers from the fishery and handouts from the many tourists coming here just for these magnificent eagle species.

The white-tailed eagle is a very large eagle, and when seen together with the Steller’s sea eagle they look similar in size. Weighing up to 6,9 kg (15,2 lb) and a wingspan of up to 2,45 m (8 ft) they are slightly lighter and smaller than the Steller’s sea eagle, but not so much that they can be bullied by them.

The raven seems to be in a precarious position here, but the eagle is only interested in fish and the raven is hoping to get some tidbits out of the fish before the eagle steals it. It is the same all over the world – a carcass too big for any raven to take away is reduced bit byt bit by eagles, and around are crows, ravens and or magpies trying their best to lure away some meatcrumbs.

It sounds like this:

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