Blue-headed Parrot (Pionus menstruus)

While I was packing up my gear in the car after a short hike, this lovely parrot landed on this rather flimsy wiring outside a home.

As with most species of parrots, this one is also sold and trafficked as a pet, and as such is threatened to become endangered if people are unable to respect wildlife only belongs in the wild.

Any pet shop will naturally state it has been bread in captivity for generations, yet this is both unlikely and still irrelevant as it perpetuates the, assumption that this is beneficial to the animal, that is thrives in captivity and that humans are entitled to do whatever they deem fit with all life on earth.

All captive animals will eventually resign to the fact they are unable to escape, thus giving the appearance they are thriving and loving their prison.

The question everybody should ask is how you are benefiting the animal by keeping it from its home in the wild.

Here I had a lovely visit by a wild animal that chose to sit so close to me just because it wanted to. Just like it should be.

It sounds like this:

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