Wild and rare

The national parks in India with a tiger population have almost all been rebranded and renamed a tiger reserve as in the public eye the tiger is the ultimate and iconic wild being that eclipses all. So even though this is a national park, the park is all about the tigers on all levels, and almost all visitors come for the tiger.

For me the most amazing moment was that of the dholes, or wild dogs, and what a sight in the greens of the monsoon! Almost all national parks are closed during the monsoon in India, but this is not one of them and how incredibly beautifully the wildlife stand out against the verdant landscape compared to the dry season when all is brown and dead!

This was one of a sizeable group playing, chilling and interacting with each other, to my joy and amusement. But as hunters they are utterly gruesome and will more often than not, kill their prey by ripping out the flesh until it dies of blood loss.

As with most wildlife, this species is endangered and mostly survives in isolated pockets that is the national parks and reserves of India and neighboring countries.

Elevation: 738 meters

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