Winter lingered on for much too long this year, despite the sun rising ever higher in the sky.

It seemed spring was skipped altogether as summer arrived out of nowhere and in no time everything was ablaze with colors and fragrance.

This is a plum flower on one of my plum trees and it is so incredibly fragrant and tender I simply have to inhale its fragrance as often as I can as it will last much shorter than in a normal spring due to the mid-summer like temperatures of 25 celsius (77F)!

There is another familiar process I treasure as an event of summer – the sound of pine cones opening! In every pine tree countless pines are drying and thus opening to release their seeds – small cracks – like you break a tiny twig, or if you have a cone in your hand – push one of the open cone scales with a finger until it breaks – that’s the sound!

Perhaps the most treasured of all to me is the bright night sky! Now the nights are barely dark when the sky is clear, and it is such a magnificent and magical time!

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