Principe weaver (Ploceus princeps)

A male Principe weaver (Ploceus princeps), endemic to Principe island. Although Principe is a small island, its diversity is still largely intact and thus most of the endemic species are common and widespread.

When I arrived here the building of nests was in full swing.

The males were completely absorbed in courting the females, fencing off any competing males and completing their nest building. It was fun watching how they neatly peeled off a perfectly sized piece of a palm leaf and weaved it into their nest and how their nests were dangling at the very end of a branch or palm frond.

Each time the female came to investigate the male exploded in excitement.

After some days the nests were completed and the females started the business of egg laying. Silence ensued – except for the regular assertive vocalizations from the male.

Elevation: 10 meters

It sounds like this:

Last updated on 10 July 2024