This is one of several beautiful waterfalls on the north-facing slopes, now a mellow trickle compared to during the monsoon several weeks ago. It’s running down to the Chandra river (Chenab river is also used) in Lahaul valley, reached by the Rothang Pass from Manali to the south of this position and is at the very beginning of the Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road.

When the sun is higher in the sky or the water in the shadow, this amazing effect is not present and the waterfall has a completely different appearance. I noticed a quite spectacular waterfall on the other side of the valley, where it was in full sunlight and wondered how that fall would be during the golden hours or when the sun is in a similar position as is seen here. It is not as conveniently located as here by the road, so a small hike and a crossing of the Chandra river is required to reach a good position, but I think that is worth it as it is really beautiful.

During a day any given location changes appearance constantly – from the softest and mystical times when the night slowly changes to day to the harshest light of the midday sun – each moment is unique and being there to see and capture these moments is a gift.

Elevation: 3216 meters

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