La Digue, Seychelles

The majority of the Seychelles islands are made of hard granite that has been shaped by the elements for aeons, and are still being changed before our very eyes. Except that our eyes and or perception of time is based on the heartbeat of our bodies that makes us think of a lifetime of 80 years as a very long time. A day even is for some an eternity. Yet within a human’s life the change to these amazing granite boulders and rocks are barely visible. Thus they stand as eternal monuments that has had these shapes for all time.

Thus these, to us at least, incredibly beautiful shapes and patterns will last and last and continue to inspire and draw people to them to enjoy by touch and sight, and occasionally win a world’s most beautiful beach poll.

I for one had an amazing time shooting this image, at the eastern edge of one of the many small beaches here on Anse Source d’Argent. Most capture facing the other way, towards the island and the boulders, but the sunsets are often amazing and with the silhouettes of these beautifully shaped granite boulders I find that shooting this way is the best – at least this time – with such wonderful colors and clouds. If I ever come back there are so many incredible formations on land that I would love to capture at dawn, but one has to choose carefully what to enjoy in the allotted time.

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