Megalong Valley Road, Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains is mostly known for its waterfalls and sheer cliffs, but is so much more. Wherever you go, wherever you look, there is something amazing and unique. It’s all about being present!

As I was driving down towards the valley from Blackheath, I was amazed by the lushness of the forest and the beauty of the winding road cutting through it. In many places the forest completely covered the sky – it was like driving through an organic tunnel! I stopped the car at a suitable location and found myself in a soundscape free from any man made noise – this tunnel was full of bird sounds as the daylight was fading.

Only sporadically did a car pass through. Oddly, in Australia, turning on the headlights is not mandatory, so even as dusk approached many cars were driving as black bullets through this dark landscape. No wonder many wild animals are killed by cars, as they drive without any lights during the most precarious of times for wildlife – dusk and dawn. This is the most busy time for wildlife, and they will not see the approaching cars, nor will the driver see any retina reflection, or anything else for that matter.

As I did not feel very safe myself, I positioned myself out of harm’s way and set up my camera to shoot some light trails. Hopefully some cars would pass by with their lights on before total darkness! Lo and behold – some did, and I got some nice trails with ambient light! Judging by their erratic behaviour as they passed me, some really wondered what I was doing out there in the dark.

Last updated on 13 March 2024