Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains is famous and visited by many, and now by me. I expected to see mountains, but was disappointed as the landscape was just hills – even as I entered Katoomba. Elevation-wise it’s not really very high, around a thousand metres, but with mountains in its name I had expectations of peaks. It is when you walk out to the edge of the ridge you really know why this attracts so many people!

I was reminded of the Guyana Shield in South America and many places in Brazil, like Chapada Diamantina National Park! The red, sheer cliffs are amazing, and combined with changing weather, with sudden low clouds and rain showers, this is indeed a wonderful place of continuous change.

I visited this very spot several times during my three day stay here, and each time on a different time of day to catch the variations of light and weather. This morning was amazing and with much promise, only to clog up and rain just a short while after this shot. That’s Blue Mountains for you!

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