Gray Mangrove (Avicennia marina)

In the middle of the beautiful Shuab beach there is a small brackish lake and a mangrove forest.

From afar it looks lush, healthy and promising, but up close it is a another story. The forest seems unhealthy with lot of dead trees, as well as many cut hard by humans. I doubt this forest will be here in a decade if the cutting is not stopped.

What is causing the trees to die is another issue of which I do not know the cause, but the dead trees seem to be more to the center of the lagoon, whilst the trees on the fringes seem to be more vital and healthy.

The trees provide wonderful shade during the heat of the day, but is also a haven for mosquitoes. This is the most mosquito infested place on the entire island – at least of those I visited during my 14 day stay. I tried to stay out in the strong wind from the sea as much as possible, but this photo was paid with a lot of mosquito bites!

Last Updated on 8 February, 2022 by morten

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