Napo River Clay lick

How do parrots, macaws, amazons and parakeets choose a particular location and clay?

This one is most definitely accessible only to birds or humans with a boat and a powerful outboard. They are also protected by the Anangu Quichua Community, the owners of Napo Wildlife Center, so if safety is high on the list this location is excellent.

Napo River Clay lick

Recent studies are now coming to a different conclusion to what has been the established truth behind the clay lick behaviour – it’s for sodium – not to neutralize toxins from their food.

The number of licks and diversity of bird species visiting is so much greater in the western Amazon – the farthest away from the ocean. Furthermore the parrots that eat more toxic seeds do not visit licks more frequently than those who do not.

Please see Tambopata Macaw Project for details

Napo River Clay lick

Last updated on 30 June 2024