Leaving Angel Falls III

One might say that all the clouds is unfortunate, but if the air was dry and all the table mountains fully visible, I wouldn’t have seen the dramatic changes – minute by minute.

Here only a few portions of the tepui visible, and it hints something incredible lurking beyond the veil of moisture. A clear day would simply be “picture perfect” – no change, except for the angle of the sun and the shadows growing or shrinking – which are much slower changes compared to the clouds surrounding the myriads of table mountains here. In fact the fast movements of the clouds is the only visible indication of the strong updrafts around the mountains, something I experienced on top of the Roraima tepui. The winds are so strong that if you toss a heavy leaf of the Stegolepis guianensis into the winds, it will quickly be transported high up in the air and land on the tepui. On a clear day none of these movements are visible.

Last updated on 31 July 2012