Double rainbow and Roraima

This is the path to and from from Roraima, and this was photographed on my way from Roraima. Once out of the forest surrounding the walls of the mountain it was very hot. I had a hard time managing my body temperature, and was longing for a rainshower that never seemed to come. The shower did come eventually, but alas, I was walking away from it.

Double rainbow and Roraima
I sat down to rest on a rock in the shadow of one of very few trees left by the Pyro indians (Pemon) and instead enjoyed the wonderful double rainbow.

Further down, close to the Kukenan river, my longing was answered with a humungus shower! From afar I could see the hillside on the other side of Kukenan river shine in the sun, as if everything was water. Indeed it was, and after passing Kukenan river I walked in a continous field of running water. One rainshower had suddenly turned the smaller Tok river into a raging torrent we could barely cross. The path down to it was a big stream.

Now I was cooled by the tepid rainshower, but sunset was fast approaching. Would I get enough sun to dry my clothes before nightfall? Nope – it never happened. Such is the way of nature here by Roraima and Kukenan.

Last updated on 18 June 2015