Roraima trek – Tok river camp

This is the first night on the trek up and down Roraima, and here the trekkers are settling down after dinner. Behind you can see the silhouette of Kukenan to the left of Roraima.

The Kukenan and Roraima tepuis create their own weather, and thus there is no way to know the water level of the rivers we needed to cross before we are actually by the river. Also the water levels can rise and fall very quickly, as the distance to where the rain falls is quite short. If it rains overhead, the rise is immediate!

We wanted to cross the Tok river before dusk, as this would shorten the next day’s trek by 1-2 kms. The amount of tents in the camp said it all: no way!!! We therefore had to clump together with a bunch of Japanese and various other nationalities, and cross Tok the next morning. We could see that the Kukenan river was big, as the waterfall off Kukenan was huge.

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