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Santiago Island lavaflow

An island in a sea of hardened lavaflow on an island in a sea of water! This is on the south east side of the island, close to the Pinnacle Rock.

Santiago Island lavaflow

What a sight this must have been, when the lava was flowing here a few years ago, and surrounded this outcrop! This is on the north west side of the island.

Mangrove Warbler (Dendroica petechia aureola)

The only yellow bird in Galapagos. Here it’s foraging for food very close to a sea lion and the waves inside a wide crevice. It had to jump out of the way and back to whatever temptations were there. As this location was constantly being drenched by the sea, it’s apparently eating tiny crustaceans.

Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

This individual was fast asleep, and just occasionally opened its eyelids to check us out.

Galápagos field cricket (Gryllus abditus)

A large and colorful cricket, and quite difficult to spot unless you catch it moving.

Morning glory (Ipomoea linearifolia)

An unusual flower, resembling a Petunia. I only encountered this species on Santiago. Perhaps it’s endemic to Santiago?

Galápagos plant 01 (Cordia sp)

Please help me classify it – leave a comment 🙂

Galápagos plant 01 (Cordia sp)

Looks similar to Cordia verbenacea, but the latter has ruffled betals. Please help me classify it – leave a comment 🙂