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Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)

A boat on the Cristalilno river is an excellent way to see life in the reserve, and as in Pantanal there are muscovy ducks also here in the Cristalino Reserve.

Black-bellied Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis)

I saw quite a few of these ducks on the riverbanks of Fazenda San Fransico’s river. They were more nervous than other bird species I encountered, and took off much sooner on approach. Perhaps they are still extensively hunted?

Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)

A large and common bird throughout the Pantanal. It’s incredible how nature has come up with the red protrusions above the eyes – nature’s henna paint!

Orinoco Goose (Neochen jubata)

It’s a relief to see many fledglings of a species that is under pressure from human activity, and they are most likely present in all the rivers in low-land Madidi.