Fazenda San Fransico is around 150 square kilometres large, and around 50% of it is left wild! Basically all the higher areas are used for farming, and the lower – the floodplains – are left untouched. This is the foundation for a huge variety of wildlife, and the now rare marsh deer is one that flourishes here, as it finds its favourite food in the dry season – this incredibly tall grass – 150 cm tall and more!

The farm has erected a long 2+ metre high trail – in the wet season it’s like a long pier – on one of these floodplains, which is now dense and juicy grass dotted with some dwindling pools. To my surprise and joy I saw this one looking at me as I turned a corner. It was not afraid at all, just curious. I had the wind against me, so it could only analyze my presence visually, but it still proved that Fazenda San Fransico has had long enough no hunting policy for the deers to no longer fear humans.