Black vultures are large and seen all the time around the falls – either surfing the updrafts or simply lounging on treetops or outcrops. The swifts are the second prominent species here, albeit for only a few months of the year opposed to the vultures that reside here throughout the year.

The swifts come here to breed, and in this photo you get an idea of how perilous their choice of nesting really is. Or is it? This single bird seems close to its death. In a blink of an eye it does disappear – seemingly gobbled up by the raging torrents.

The reality is that under this never ending torrent lies a nest! Being able to land there is one thing, but how it’s able to make a stable nest is truly amazing. When the day comes and the fledglings take to the wings, they face this seemingly insurmountable barrier for the first time – how they survive is even more amazing!