On the right, the river Kerep flows into Churun river. This smaller river is the water that just a few minutes ago fell off the Auyantepui as Angel Falls – a near 1000 metres waterfall and the highest of any in the world!

This was the camp site, and it was completely deserted. As this is the site closest to the falls, it is empty only if there are nobody else in the area, as there are many other sites further way. At this day there were no other parties anywhere! It was surprising to our boatsmen and the guide, but to me this was a fantastic coincidence, as I could enjoy nature without the human crowds.

As the level of water changes with the amount of rain, one can sit silently by the river and watch the water rise and fall according to the changing rainfall. Just one shower and the level rises. I watched it fall by 5 centimetres in just 30 minutes! Due to this fact, the river can rise quickly my as much as a metre, so leaving anything behind on the shore at nightfall, might never be seen again, as dawn might come with a flooded shore.

The river looks polluted, but the color is completely organic in its origin. As vegetation decays in the water, tannins are leached out, resulting in the reddish color you see in this photo. It resembles tea!