As we moved further up the Churun river, the river changed into a winding snake of rapids and turns. Some sections the river was calm, deep and narrow and the forest canopy almost covered the river.

We only met one other canoe on our way upriver, and I wondered how many accidents occur, as it was a high speed close call. You don’t hear or see the oncoming boat as you turn the corner of the river, and both boats are aiming for the same safe section of the river, so navigating with the same principle as on a higway or on the open ocean did not apply. I wonder how this is in the high season? For the full remaining duration of the journey up, on site and return, we did not meet a single other boat or tourist. That was awesome! We had the area, Angel Falls lookout point and sleeping quarters all to ourselves! No crowds – just the sounds and sights of the jungle!