The forecast suggested a great show this evening. I went out and looked for the northern lights several times without seeing any, and I wasn’t really surprised, as the summer sky still was very bright, and the northern lights had to be very strong to compete.

I only got one shot where the northern lights were clearly visible aginst the bright sky. This was shot at 23:39. It then dimmed, and I went indoors. When I checked about 2 hours later it was still dim, and the sky was brightening towards sunrise. The show was over, and I was a bit disappointed.

To my dismay I found out the next day that my neighbour’s two youngest kids saw vivid and fast moving auroras during the time after my shot and before I went out 2 hours later! They were sleeping outdoors under the sky and watched the auroras until they could no longer stay awake. What a great way to fall alseep!